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More on Real Estate Law

Buying or Selling Property?


If you are buying or selling real property, we can help you with the transaction and figure out the best way to structure it for your legal needs. Your home is often the most valuable asset you own. How you hold title may be a key part of your estate planning. Using the benefits of a 1031 Exchange for your investment property will help you defer or reduce your taxes over time. Transferring your out-of-state property into a trust will help you avoid ancillary probate proceedings in another state. Splitting your assets between you and your spouse can help you properly fund tax savings trusts.


Thinking of Renting a Property?

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, an attorney should review your lease. We specialize in commercial and residential leases. Our twenty-five years of experience drafting, negotiating, and reviewing leases can help prevent you from making costly mistakes. Our experience in landlord-tenant court gives us the necessary insight to help you avoid ending up in court.

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